Working closely with clients, we help them get the best return from their fixed assets.


By working closely with clients, we help them get the best return from their fixed assets, including storage tanks, pressurised vessels, pipelines, pumps, rotating equipment, boilers, bunding and other key infrastructure.


This is achieved through a combination of understanding failures, monitoring condition of assets, inspection and identifying and managing the level of risk associated with the current condition.


Once the condition of critical assets is known, then we can assist clients in the proactive and preventative maintenance and monitoring, through a systematic process of inspecting, testing, repairing and making recommendations on replacement (in terms of design and timing).


Our unique expertise in the fields of inspection, materials and mechanical engineering enables our clients to understand the condition of their plant and equipment at any moment in time, and manage the identified risks accordingly.


Having worked with many different process industries, from traditional bulk chemical manufacturers to the latest material production research organisations, we have gained an almost unique appreciation of the importance of understanding each process, the risks and consequences of changes and variations, while all the time maintaining the equipment in a safe and reliable condition.


Our aim through this approach is to put clients in control of their plant and assets – if you share this goal, then call us now for an initial consultation.


Chemical industry – where asset safety and integrity is critical, and ageing plant can pose a risk to operators.

Petrochemical and oil industries – inherent critical safety risks exist, and are managed to minimise the chance of failure or disaster.

Bulk storage – from storing fuels and oils, to hazardous chemicals, bulk foodstuffs or abrasive dry materials, tanks come under unseen stress and strain, and benefit from regular inspection.


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