Mechanical Engineering

Axiom Mechanical is a specialist team of highly qualified engineers engaged in the production of engineering criticality assessments for the process industries.


Axiom Mechanical is ISO 9001 certified. We have developed our systems to provide high end technical services to ‘intelligent customers,’ many of whom are the owner operators of process plant that falls under the legal requirements of the PSSR and COMAH legislation.


Our aim is to assure our clients that we apply only suitably qualified and experienced persons to the job in hand.


 We continuously deliver technical excellence in the fields of:

  • pressure system engineering
  • fitness for purpose work
  • structural integrity assessments.




When pressure systems and process equipment enter service they inevitably begin to age. The rate of ageing depends on the deterioration modes or damage mechanisms that affect them. Some items may last many years in service, whilst some items last only a few days.


The question arising for equipment owners & operators is how their equipment should be managed to keep it safe and reliable. Alongside inspection regimes, Axiom Mechanical department can help with the provision of engineering assessments.


These assessments employ a range of techniques to answer such questions as, shall we: replace, retire or repair? How long something will last is another common question or how can the service life of equipment be extended.


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