Failure Analysis

We also pride ourselves in the preparation of reports for non-materials engineers and non-engineers



Some clients repeatedly replace the same pump shaft or pipe bend on a routine basis without really asking why it keeps failing after 6 months. Other suffer random failures throughout their plant, but never actually understand what’s going on.


Axiom's Material's Section have extensive knowledge and experience, coupled with considerable testing facilities, to answer these and many more questions. So if you are wondering why a particular failure has occurred, or why the same asset fails regularly, then talk to us.


Our Materials Engineers, with extensive knowledge and experience, have a proven track record in the area of failure analysis. Everything from bolts to storage tanks, drive shafts to heat exchangers, horse bits to relief valves, we've seen it, analysed it and explained it.


We also pride ourselves in the preparation of reports for non-materials engineers and non-engineers, so have to explain in language appropriate to the knowledge and background of the recipient, rather than the normal "technical-engineer speak" so commonly used by specialists.


In this way we can get the message across to clients in a form which they understand, meaning they can then move forward and improve their particular lot.


Different materials don't put us off either. We routinely examine all the common engineering metals, from steel to stainless steels, corrosion resistant alloys to reactive metals, copper alloys to nickel alloys, literally from Aluminiums, Brasses, Coppers, all the way to Zincs and Zirconiums, not to mention the non-metallics of GRP, polymers, elastomerics and ceramics.


Because we are a small Company, many people think, wrongly, that we can only handle small jobs. failure analysis

Yes, we can handle small jobs, like the failure of a horse bit which resulted in the rider being thrown and injured. But we can also handle larger jobs, like the failure of a 2000psi 60 tons/hr boiler feed-water pump which destroyed its main shaft and shattered into 500+ pieces.


So if you want to understand why a failure occurred, and be able to design out the risk or eliminate the cause, talk to the Axiom materials engineers, failure analysis experts.


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