Consultancy and Expert Witness

Why did this happen? Why didn’t that work? These are the types of question often asked of our materials engineers



Why did this happen?  Why didn’t that work? These are the types of question often asked of our materials engineers when a client has tried a particular “solution”, perhaps without fully understanding the materials implications of what he was doing.


Axiom's Material's Section have extensive knowledge and experience, coupled with considerable testing facilities, to answer these and many more questions.  So if you are wondering why a particular failure has occurred, or you need to take legal action over a failure or damage which has occurred and need an Expert Witness for Court or Mediation, then talk to us. 

Our Principle Materials Engineer, with well over 30 years experience, has a proven track record in the area of preparation of reports for legal cases, most of which never get to formal / Court proceeding but are settled out of Court, minimising the costs and time of legal settlements.


We prepare reports specifically for the client or target audience, written in such a way as to be understandable by non-materials engineers or non-engineering personnel.


This means we can write reports in plain English using a vocabulary appropriate to the knowledge and background of the recipient , rather than the normal "technical-Engineer speak" so commonly used by specialists. We can also communicate at an involved technical level with our peers, helping to ensure that all recipients understand and appreciate our report in full.


In this way, we can get the message across to clients in a form which they understand, meaning they can then move forward and improve their particular lot.


By getting to know and understand your issues, we can identify and make recommendations on the Materials Engineering aspects of an issue, often resolving it ourselves or clarifying it for other engineering disciplines to take over and finally resolve.


Because we are a small Company, many people think, wrongly, that we can only handle small jobs.

Yes we can handle small jobs, like the failure of a horse bit which resulted in the rider being thrown and injured. But we can also handle larger jobs, like being an Expert Witness for the tank farm, destroyed by product left well beyond its contractual agreement date. The resulting levelling and rebuilding of the site was largely paid for by the stored product owner rather than the tank farm owner, following legal mediation.


Backed up by a well-equipped metallurgical laboratory, these facilities allow Axiom to get to understand exactly what is happening or has happened and advise you how to alleviate the issue, or for us to prepare report(s) for the legal option.


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