Materials Engineering

Working across a number of sectors Axiom Engineering get involved at every stage of an assets life.



Starting at the point of product concept and design, our Materials Engineers get involved in material selection for prototypes, material of construction for pilot plants and in up-scaling plants to small scale production units.


Often the materials used at this point are relatively expensive, because relatively little is used and because components are “off-the-shelf”, not bespoke to the plant.


Moving to full size production units can raise issues again with material selection vs cost, where the cost of the materials is now a significant factor.


Corrosion testing and appropriate material selection can help ensure a long and successful plant life at minimal asset life cost.



Modifications of process or asset design during plant life, shutdown support, corrosion monitoring and other deterioration monitoring, such as creep assessments, are all beneficial to the in-service plant. These processes, when properly applied and used, can help in the inspection and asset life determination processes, including in justification for increasing inspection periodicity and total asset life.


Investigation of failures, whether mechanical or corrosion related, during the plant life can help in determining the remnant life of an aging plant, but should be started early in its life to help ensure a full and comprehensive history is established.


This helps in understanding repeat failures and may be used to justify changing the material of construction of individual components or whole sections of the plant to reduce future replacement costs, both in terms of labour and materials.



Follow the links below for further information on the materials services we can provide.

  • Consultancy & Expert Witness – Why did this happen? Why didn’t that work? These are the types of question often asked of our materials engineers
  • Corrosion Testing & Assessment – Some clients complain that they don’t understand why their assets are disappearing before their eyes.
  • Failure Analysis – We work alongside our clients to investigate, explore and understand the circumstances and events around a failure, partial failure or even potential failure of a piece of equipment. 
  • Laboratory Analysis – With our own in house laboratories, we are ideally positioned to conduct a range of analysis and testing services.