Food & Drink

As with many manufacturing based industries, factory performance is critical to productivity, efficiency and profitability. The volumes of product being processed, and the squeeze on margins mean that the cost of conversion is absolutely crucial to profitability.


Yet the inherent nature of the industry means that process plant can be subject to different ingredients as well as extremes in terms of heat and/or cold.


Loss of key assets in the production plant can lead to costly downtime, poor productivity and efficiency and potential quality problems associated with stop/start processes. All of these can lead to an adverse performance in terms of profitability.


Utilisation of our expertise in areas of materials and corrosion engineering, mechanical design and fitness for purpose, inspection and NDT allows our clients to reduce unplanned stoppages, increase uptime and reliability, and hence show benefits on the bottom line.


Whether making ice-creams or meat products, chips or whisky, by engaging with Axiom, our clients in the food and drink sector have enjoyed the reassurance of key assets being proactively maintained, leading to enhanced performance – whether measured by profitability or in terms of efficiency and productivity.


Our unique expertise in the fields of inspection, materials and mechanical engineering enables our clients to understand the condition of their assets at any moment in time, and manage the identified risks accordingly.

Based in the process industry heartland of Teesside, England, Axiom have been closely linked with a range of food & drink production companies. With our innovative approach to our services, we support clients on a regional, national and international basis.


Expertise: Our combination of support provides a joined up asset management and integrity service.

Value: We value long term relationships, and price our support accordingly.

Understanding: We take time to fully comprehend the situation and the condition of equipment before making recommendations.


To get a better understanding of the potential benefits of our services, please follow the link below to see our ever growing portfolio of case studies.


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