The modern automotive industry is a great deal different to that of 30, 20 or even 10 years ago. New and innovative materials are introducing new challenges, not least in terms of service life predictions and performance. Endurance testing is becoming ever more important to ensure that your products will still be on the road in 5,10 or 15 years’ time.


But simply surviving an endurance test is no longer enough, components must survive well, with no deterioration or failures apparent. Is a 1 in 100 failure rate acceptable if rates of 1 in 1000 can easily be achieved?


By understanding how and why components are failing, either in initial endurance testing programmes or when in full production, can help and guide designers to make subtle changes to improve life and / or performance, or reduce weight and / or cost.


Simplicity can be the secret to longevity, but in such a complex world as the modern automotive industry, what is simplicity?


We work with automotive manufactures and designers looking at failures in endurance tests and other test programmes, to understand the how’s and why’s of under-performing components, be these anything from flywheels to exhaust manifolds, pistons and valves to cylinder liners. By understanding what is going wrong, we help designers get it right.


Our combined expertise in materials engineering, mechanical engineering, inspection and NDT allows us to take the lead in maximising information from a failure. Explaining this to the designer in language which can be understood, rather than jargon is critical, allowing these people to concentrate on what they do best, while having the support and understanding of what we do best.

Expertise:  Our combination of support provides a joined up asset management and integrity service.

Value:  We value long term relationships, and price our support accordingly.

Understanding:  We take time to fully comprehend the situation and the condition of equipment before making recommendations. 


To get a better understanding of the potential benefits of our services, please follow the link below to see our ever growing portfolio of case studies.


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