Expertise Value Understanding


When managing operations with an inherent degree of risk, and the real possibility of disaster, it is reassuring to be able to call upon the required expertise to assist in making the right decisions at the right time.

From designing plant that is fit for purpose, through to undertaking regular asset inspection and management, and using our recognised expertise in materials engineering, Axiom uniquely offer a combination of skilled, specialised engineering resources.

This is assured through our attention to recruiting the best candidates, investing in continuous professional development, and embracing and utilising leading edge technologies in all aspects of our work.


To quote Red Adair, “If you think hiring professionals is expensive, try hiring an amateur.”

Our Values are;

To maintain:

  • Leading edge expertise
  • Competent people, right accreditations, personal attributes
  • Ethics and transparency throughout the customer journey
  • Excellent relational and social skills
  • Customer orientation
  • Diligence and thoroughness
  • Adherence to leading edge, current awareness and research
  • Respect and authenticity

To provide:

  • Outputs of real worth to customers
  • A premium service
  • Honest pricing policies
  • Solutions that have identified both risks and benefits to our customers

We will:

  • Listen to customer issues and understand & clarify their needs
  • Collate information of value to our clients
  • Devise the right solutions for customers
  • Identify minimal and optimal solutions
  • Enable customers to easily appraise options
  • Give concise, readable and comprehensive reporting
  • Maintain sensitivity to the customers’ operational needs


The third of our three “core values” is based around developing close working relationships with clients.

Rather than just providing an engineering service, we aim to work with the client to create a culture change in the way that assets are viewed and respected.

This is achieved through working with staff at all levels in the operation, and imparting skills, knowledge and wisdom, so that more independence and ownership is gained. At an operational level, this leads to an improved attitude and approach to maintenance and inspection, as well as accountability for performance.

Strategically, we have a track record of using data gathered to present information on asset condition and longevity, and use this to guide and support capital investment projects. In essence, our best value is delivered through a true partnership relationship.